Great Western Railway Dean Era Coaches


Jack Slinn collected many coach drawings and before the drawings were sent to the HMRS I was given access to the GWR part of the collection.   Presented here are the first of over 300 drawings of GWR coaches built before the Dreadnoughts of 1904.   Thanks must go to Jonathan David who has scanned all of these drawings; many of which are too big to scan in one go, so they have been stiched together.   Also a lot of the drawings are blue printes so these have been converted to black & white.   Many of the scans are over 10,000 pixels wide, so they have been resized to around 3300 for this page.   If you want to see the original scans then please contact me.   I have had to enhance a few of the drawings as the original was poor quality.

If you are planning to use the drawings to create a model which requires a CAD drawing I suggest that you do not trace these drawings.   Rather, use the Lewis Classification for that design which will give you all of the vertical dimensions.   Then draw a pair of lines for the ends and mark on vertical centre lines using the dimensions on the original drawing.   Doors and most windows were a standard size so these can then be drawn.   That then just leaves the panels between to be drawn.

Under Construction.  This project is definitely work in progress. If you would like to receive an email when I update these pages please contact me through the Exchange Sidings.

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